Screenprint Paste

Clear Mix Rubber Paste - 1KG

RM 23.50
SKU: SSP002a
Ultrasoft Clear Rubber Paste for CMYK Color Separation or screen print jobs on light coloured base fabrics. Also suitable for silver or glitter powered to be applied on dark coloured fabrics.
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Sticky Glue Paste (1kg)

RM 65.00
Sticky Glue Paste (1kg)
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Super White Rubber Paste - 1KG

RM 25.90
SKU: 612637587559a
Bazu Prints - SuperWhite Rubber Paste (1KG)
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TUFF Harderner (500ml)

RM 24.50
SKU: SSP004a
TUFF Harder for Screen Print Block Making Purposes
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