POLO T-Shirt - Honeycombed, Pique, Lacoste, Microfiber & Golf - Low prices.

Explore our huge range of polo t-shirts, at low prices. But there's so many types. So here's our recommendation.

Foursquare Polo 
An all time favourite. This 100% cotton polo t-shirt is exceptionally soft and smooth, because of it's honeycomb pattern construction. It has gone through a special tumble dry process, further making the product more resistant to shrinkage. So, it feels very comfortable and luxurious. However, it's not as durable as the polyester/cotton blended ones.

Feathersoft Polo
We specially formulated a polo, that looks smart and sporty - Just by adding two buttons on the collar. They way, the collar stays in its place all time, giving the wearer a neat and tidy look. The feathersoft polo has a sturdier construct than vivid supercool, so it always maintains its shape. In addition, it is made from superior Draw Textured Yarn (DTY Yarn), with high thread count. It has superior water wicking properties, keeping the skin dry always.

Pique Polo
If you want a durable, all purpose, value for money polo. This is the product you would want. Exceptionally good for uniforms, rough wear, and low maintenace. Don't worry about comfort, because it still has high cotton content. The polyester blend is what give is its exceptional durability, toughness and resistant to shrinkage, wear and tear.  



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