Every new item that we buy, we just want them presented and packed in the nicest way possobile right? This page is just about this topic. There are about two main materials we use to pack our items sold here - plastic and paper (cardboard)

Plastic Packaging

The most common form of protective material ( and the cheapest ) is the ordinary Plastic PP bag. For T-Shirts, we recommend the size 10 inch x 16 inch. If you want something a bit more premium, go for the ziplock versions. These are auto sealing bags with a plastic zipper at the mouth. Make its look more premium

Packaging For Courier

The next proctative layer we use the pack a bundle of items. Normally somewhere from 1pc to 30pcs of t-shirts, we will use thse cost effective material. Grey colored courier bags are made from recycled materials. It comes with a pocket, to keep your airway bill dockets and other important documents.

Cardboard boxes

Here's our collection of cardboard boxes. We only have two versions. Once for storing vinyls, the other is the regular box we use to keep t-shirts. 

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