Vivid Supercool Series is Getting a Branding MakeOver !!!

Our ever popular vivid supercool series is getting a branding makeover. Initially it was parked under the MD Textile brand. Over the years it, the Vivid Supercool Collection has added many styles and fabric type into its catalog. Today we have to

Vivid Supercool
Vivid Air
Vivid Heather 2.0
Vivid Cool Breeze
Vivid Jacquard Dry
Vivid Feathersoft

There's also singlet, tank top, polo and children. We are not stopping here, in the next few months, even more styles will be added. All at low prices.

So we think it's time for it to graduate to become its own identity. We present to you the VVID brand, by MD Textile.



MUS2126 is a confirmed t-shirt psycho.

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