Super White Rubber Paste For Screen Print !

SuperWhite Rubber Paste for Screen Print, is recommended by our master printer - Freddie for the following characteristics

1. It is fast drying.
2. It is really white! Reduces the need for many layers
3. It is creamy
4. Results are good. Small details, half tones and gradients is achievable.
5. Prints well on cotton, cotton blends and polyester
6. Soft feel & Wash Fastness

Available in 1kg cans.
Get this product here: http://bit.ly/2avxB18 

To See the Video please click here ->https://www.facebook.com/mdtextile/videos/10154472648974903/

Alternatively, If you would like Freddie to print your shirts, Whatsapp/Call him at +6010 5665359


MUS2126 is a confirmed t-shirt psycho.

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