HDV6 HDPrints Pesta JOM MENGUNDI !!!

OK, maybe some of you do not like the dude in the last post. Surely there must be someone you can agree with in this post!

Choose HDV6 HDPrints, if your friendly politician complains he wants his pimple pores in 4K mode. HDPrints can do this!

Choose HDV6 HDPrints, if the job needs to be delivered yesterday. There's a chance Sky Koh can time travel

Choose HDV6 HDPrints, if the budget is as big as your wallet. So what's in your wallet?

Anyway, we have taken the trouble to do mockups for you. Just go and show to your favourite ADUN and MP to see if HDV6 HDPrints can help him/her win the elections as well!

.Ai/PDF versions will be released tomorrow for those with kungfu in design skills.

HDV6 HDPrints Amanah 4set shirtHDV6 HDPrints DAP 4set shirt

HDV6 HDPrints PKR 4set shirt HDV6 HDPrints PPBM 4set shirt HDV6 HDPrints PSM 4set shirt HDV6 HDPrints Warisan 4set shirt


Last modified onFriday, 06 April 2018 04:52

MUS2126 is a confirmed t-shirt psycho.

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