DIY - Add Your Own Labels to a T-Shirt

If you are a brand owner or a t-shirt designer, purchasing blank t-shirts, printing and trying to sell it, is not exactly an elegant way to do it. There are many small but important details you have to consider. These includes packaging, presentation, tags and labels. 


Today we have a solution for you to relabel a t-shirt the easy way. Before, it was difficult. You have had to remove the label stitches, attach your custom made labels and stitch it back. If you are not good with the sewing machine, the out come can be ugly.


Nowadays, major brands are begining to ditch the old label method and print on the back of the t-shirt. So, its widely acceptabe practice to do it this way. However, it is also anothe problem. You need to send it for silkscreen service.


We try to solve this problem by making ready made Iron On Size Neck Labels. This is a hassle free solution, that requires no skill in sewing and screenprinting. Infact you can do it yourself, using just a regular iron. (However, a heat press machine is highly recommeded. Just place the stickers in the position that you want, apply heat and peel. If you buy Foursquare branded t-shirts, you can just tear away the labels. It will take you just under a minute to complete this task.


Since, these are iron on, you can use any ordinary iron, set at medium temperature (about 160C), apply pressure in the sticker for 10 to 15 seconds, and peel slowly. Watch the videos below, we have taken pains to demonstrate to you how effective this solution is.


You can buy these labels at MD Textile


The size neck labels is proundly made in Malaysia. Here's a sneak peak on how it's made.


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