Original Marvel Merchandise & T-Shirts

Get original licensed Marvel merchandise from MD Textile. We have recently secured the rights to design, develop, manufacture and sell Disney approved Marvel characters online.

Find all your favourite Marvel characters here: Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Ant-man, Captain Marvel, Rocket Racoon, Spiderman, Venom

The designs are all developed in house. Which means you will not find the same designs by another licensed supplier elsewhere. They are exclusive to us.

The designs are printed using the latest HD Print technique. Which will have the following advantages:

1. Takes 1-2 days to replenish the stock. So we are always in stock.
2. Full color, laser quality.
3. Soft feel.
4. No apparel style limitation. We can supply the same style on long sleeve, singlet, kids, womens - cotton or microfiber. Even on bags and caps.

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