Long Sleeve T-Shirts from MD Textile

We have easily Malaysia's largest collection of long sleeve t-shirts at low prices. There's all kind of colors, styles, brand and material type. If you are a fan of long sleeves, chances that we have it in stock! Brands including Foursqaure, Alam Fashion, Eightsquare, Vivid Supercool, Vivid Air, muslimah, and performance type of jerseys. 

If you are lost in a sea of choices, we recommend the following

Foursquare Long Sleeve T-Shirts - 100% Cotton
They are exactly the same as thier short sleeve version, execpt it is, duh, in long sleeve style. You get the same superb quality, consistency and comfort. And it's affordably priced. Probaby cheapest online.

Vivid Supercool Long Sleeve T-Shirts - 100% Polyester (Microfiber)
These are performace t-shirts, with sweat absorbing qualities. Great for gym wear, sports, or just casual wear.

Vivid Air - 100% Polyester (Microfiber)
We think these are best in comfort. Super thin and super light. It's like wearing a layer of air! A must try




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