Mutant Dream makes HD prints and HD Heat transfer films. These transfer films look like this:


                                                                                                HD Print A3 sheet www 300x291

These transfer films are to be heat pressed onto fabric which can be

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • PU Leather
  • PVC Sheets
  • Paper

This is how you transfer the films

<picture here>

These are the items it can transfer on

  • T-Shirt
  • Apparel
  • Non-Woven Bags
  • Canvas Bags
  • Leather Bags
  • PVC Sheets
  • Umbrellas

Yes, there are many other transfer techniques/products in the market, but HD Prints is the best that we have seen. Here’s why.

www items2 1


Extremely High DPI
Pictures look as clear and sharp like it came from a full colored magazine.

Vivid Colors
Colors are bright and vivid, as if it jumps out on you.

                                                                                                HD Prints T Shirt 169x300

Color Accurate
The prints have a 95% or more color accuracy.  In some prints techniques the color changes when you apply heat. Not in the case of HD Prints, it maintains its colors accurately.

Washability and Durability

                                                                                              FB IMG 1496216740526 300x240

Our new generation V3 can withstand up to 40 times machine wash. Here are the test results. Normal temperature washing machine wash. The shirt is not overturned. At the 25th wash, small or images still look good. Big images may have some slight spotting. But still a wearable and decent looking t-shirt.

Tough. Very Tough
It can survive an unforgiving stretch test. It can also survive scratches using you nails.

Fine, Very Fine prints
This is a one of the major advantages of HD Prints. The level of fineness can be less than 1mm. Something that other techniques like screen print, DTG, Print and Cut methods cannot achieve.

                                                                                          IMG 20170523 213551 500 300x300

Soft Feel
Admittedly, its not as soft and breathable than waster base screen print or DTG. It’s about the same feel as rubberise screen print, but it is certainly better than other transfer papers and print and cut material.

No Color Migrations
Because of it’s low temperature requirements, 130C, this problem can be easily avoided. At high temperatures, color on the fabric may evaporate and stain the prints. There’s no migration problem with HD Prints. It also means that you can transfer to a polyester based shirt, worry free, as polyester base shirts tends to display this problem.


Rapid Transfer
HD Prints spec is one of the fastest in the market. Only requires 15 seconds to press on medium pressure, peel, and repress for 3 seconds.

Fast Production Time
48 hours. All orders are processed, and manufactured within 48 hours. If the order is urgent, we can do a special arrangement.

Hassle Free
There’s no need to cut, plot or weed. There’s no need to apply transfer stickers like most large format print and cut.

High Capacity
We can produce 2000 A3 sheets per day. If you have 30 logos in an A3, that is 60,000 logos we can produce in a day!


We sell by A3 sheets at RM20/USD4.70 per sheet (minimum order 5-10sheets) RM15/USD3.55 for 10 sheets and above. It means that if you can squeeze your designs within A3 size, the better for you. Small logos can be as cheap as RM0.30/ USD0.07 . This is already crazy cheap. We know you can sell these size logos for 10x more.

Time Savings
There’s no printing, no cutting, no plotting, no weeding. The time to heat transfer is 15 seconds, then repress for 3 seconds. It’s one of the fastest in the market. Since you can use an ordinary iron for small logos, you can scale your production more effectively.

Less Labour Issues
There’s very little skill required. You don’t need to hire printing expert, or someone with high IQ or with high education. We have taken care most of the core issue encountered when doing a print job.  There’s no block to do, no film to make, no artwork to condition, no ink to mix, no cut errors, no raw material wastage. Now everyone can transfer and print!


Prints on many, many surfaces, different items.
As long as your material is fiber base, whether synthetic or natural it should work. We have not encountered a heat transfer technique that can print so well umbrellas, non-woven bags, diaries. It’s only possible with HD Prints.

Can be stored.
You store the sheets for later use. Print as you need. This can reduce your capital cost, as you don’t have to purchase your shirts preprinted.

You can send the sheets to others. You can cut the logos into smaller pieces, repack and sell.

Only 10 sheets!


We’ve never seen a printing product this good before. One negative point, we have to print it for you as it requires a lot of expensive machinery, high labour skill and space. But, that is our problem, we have solved it for you. The machinery is not for sale. As of now, we do not know who can do this. We like to think that we are the only vendor in the world that can do this. So we have invested in a lot of backup machinery. Because if we fail to deliver, nobody else can.

So what are you waiting for? Place an order with us today!

Please don’t confuse HD prints with other techniques listed below. HD Prints is unique, proudly invented and manufactured in Malaysia.

HD Prints is NOT

- Mimaki / Roland Print and Cut

- Light/Dark Transfer paper

- Direct to Garment (DTG)

- Dye Sublimation

- Silkscreen / Screenprint

- OKI / Laser dark no cut

- Vinyl Films

- Offset transfer

- Reveal-S Sublimation to Cotton

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