Chinese New Year Announcement !

Pelanggan sekalian, sempena cuti Tahun Baru Cina, tarikh akhir pengambilan kurier ialah pada 21th Januari 2020 dan akan disambung pada 28 Januari 2020 (kecuali Borneo Cargo - 29 Januari 2020 )

Dear customers, in conjunction with Chinese New Year last Courier pick up on 21th January 2020 for online orders and will resume on 28 January 2020 (except Borneo Cargo - 29 January 2020 )

MD Textile agent / reseller / dealer program starts on 1st September 2015. Agents / reseller enjoy more discounts on selected brands. The following brands are now eligible for this program

Oren Sport
MD Textile House label
Qcumber Designs / Marvel

To become an agent / reseller of MD Textile, we will need the following documents / information from you.

a) Copy of Company Registration (SSM)
b) Name
c) Contact Number
d) Email
f) Business Address
g) Nature of Business

Agents are subject to the following terms and conditions to enjoy discounts.

a) All orders must be placed through www.mdtextile.com shopping cart / or MD Textile Check Stock & Shop app.

b) Created an account in www.mdtextile.com  If you havent created an account, you can create it here.

Please email these documents with the subject "Application for MD Textile agent/reseller" to sales@mdtextile.com and also huda@mdtextile.com

A weekly newsletter will be emailed to you.

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