Dropship - You do the selling, we deliver the goods.

So you want to resell our goods, either by direct selling or listing it online places like Shopee and Lazada. Once you make a sale, you want us to deliver the goods to your customer.

Benefits to you.

  1. No need to keep stock
  2. No need so many workers
  3. No need physical premise
  4. No need high capital

This is the process, read carefully

  1. You sell the goods either via direct sales or listing on sites like Shopee or Lazada

  2. You get a confirm sale

  3. You go to www.mdtextile.com or the app, and place an order

  4. In the comments section, you add the words "DROPSHIP", and make payment

    dropship comment box2

  5. Once we get it, we will ship to the "Ship To" address.

  6. For Dropship purposes, we will  a) NOT Include our invoice b) NOT Pack with Branded Courier Bags c) NOT Use a consignment note with our Company and Location . It is your responsibility to issue these documents to the customer.

  7. Our FAQ says we ship in 2 business days. But our average shipping timeframe is at most next business day.

  8. Once ship, we will send you the tracking no via email


 Would be good if you can send us an email and introduce yourself as a dropshipper to us.

Company Name (If Any)
Contact Number


Payment Methhods


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