Low Prices Short Sleeve Cotton T-Shirts from MD Textile 

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Here is MD Textile collection of short sleeve, round neck, cotton t-shirts for sale. All at fantastic factory prices at no minimum order. 1 pcs pun boleh!. But if you are confused and overwhelmed with all the choices available, please check out this guide.

This is a comprehensive and detail description of all the cotton t-shirts available in our catalog.

We sell and distribute the following brands

  • Foursquare
  • Eightsquare
  • Alam Fashoin
  • Oren Sport
  • Fruit of the Loom
  • Gildan
  • MD Textile Enzyme


For those on a budget, we recommend Foursquare brand of tshirts, because of the following features. Shrink Resistant, Color Consistency, Silicone coated, Good fit and low price.

For Premium T-Shirt, we like Enzyme series and Fruit of the Loom. Their well known for a meatier, softer, more luxurious fabric feel.

For something in between, you can consider Foursquare Signature Series.

Buy one today. Prices per t-shirt are probably cheaper than your next Mc Donald meal


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