Quality Kid's T-Shirt & Kids Polo - 100% Cotton and Microfiber - Low Prices

The kid's t-shirt collection is just like adult section, in terms of branding, style and quality. But at MD Textile, aside from the usual brand that we carry - Foursquare and Alam Fashion, we have stocked up some super rare styles and hard to find colors! So here's our recommendation.

Foursquare Kid's T-Shirt (100% Cotton)
This is the all time favourite. Good quality, color and size consistency, and cheap! 

Vivid Supercool Kid's T-Shirt
If you have microfiber for adult, why not have a range for children? All schools have phyiscal education, and are required to go out to sweat right. Well, this is the right product for it. Lightweight, smooth, sweat absorbant, and many vibrant colors to choose from.

MD Textile Fullycombed Long Sleeve T-Shirt
This is a ultra rare product. One it's fullycombed grade cotton. Two, it's long sleeve. Whether you are in air conditoned room, our in the open, this is an all purpose t-shirt, with quality but at low prices!


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