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Elastic Foil - Hologram Series

Just In - Elastic Foil Hologram Heat Press Vinyl . This is a new version of our ever popular elastic foil heat press vinyl series. Elastic foil vinyl already gives you a shiny metalic like surface. It 'eats' into the fabric, allowing the foil stretch along with the t-shirt. Now with Hologram pattern, you can make premium looking designs with these.

Here's a close up shot of how it looks like after pressed.

sample halogram3


Jacket Raglan Hoodies - Celoreng / Camouflage edition

We are going to introduce a series of Raglan Jackets with Hoodies. Yes, we are combining 3 different styles into 1 popular design. Starting with the ever popular celoreng / camouflage series, we have a full celoreng jacket, or if you prefer, just a celoreng top design.

These are made from cotton/polyester blend 180gsm, its not too warm, not too thick, just perfect for air conditioned room. And as always, you can expect low prices from MD Textile. Only RM34.90 inc GST.




MD Textile Check Stock and Shop - Android / IOS app

MD Textile Check Stock and Shop app is now available in both Apple IOS and Android.

This is an incredibly useful tool, one of the most important we ever made. Here are some of it's main features.

1. Check our stock level & availability - real time.
2. Check prices
3. Check your order history and status.
4. Make purchases on the go
5. Make bookings to be picked up from our showroom.

Get it the Android   /    IOS   version.

Case Usage #1
Assuming you are having a meeting with your customer. And he asks you if you had 55pcs of Kelly Green Long Sleeves t-shirt size 3XL and 240 pcs of Kids t-shirt Burgandy ages 3-4. These are tough questions to answer and requires many phone calls / emails to your regular apparel vendors.

With this tool, you can reply comfortably the stock availability, and immediately make a purchase to secure the stocks. And it's 24 hours, you can do it anytime, anywhere.

Case Usage #2
This customer messaged you this question "Can I have a picture of Purple rompers?". So you go to the app, take a screenshot, and attached it back to the customer

Case Usage #3.
You are rushing for time. Our sales staff is very slow at keying the 76 different items you require. You add these 76 items to cart, and select pick up on MD Textile's showroom. Once you reach our showroom, our sales staff already knows the details of your requirement. Immediately he processes it. Watch this video to get a clearer idea




These are just 3 examples on how this app will benefit you. Really, if you have any ideas or suggestion, feel free to share it with us, so that we can make your buy experience more pleasant.


To check Kelana Jaya branch stock level, download this app. Only available on Android devices.

kelana jaya app announcement android 

Or you can check via web browser. Click here


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