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Microfiber Singlets & Tank Tops for Sports and Gymwear

For years we have had ugly pictures for microfiber performance singlets / tank tops. These are pretty good singlets! We make them ourselves from high quality microfiber vivid supercool fabrics. Which means, they are very sweat absorbent, soft, and comfortable. So you can call these gymwear, they are just perfect for sport and exercise activities. We priced it at an attractive figure of RM9.50. As of May 2019, no where in Shopee/Lazada/Aliexpress can you find it for this price, with many attractive colors. To do justice to these tank tops So these are  Meet Kith, our ripped model.


Mens Tank Top Navy BlueMens Tank Top BlackMens Tank Top Burgandy

Mens Tank Top RedMens Tank Top Royal BlueMens Tank Top White



V Neck T-Shirt - Big Clearance Sale - Only RM1.90

V necks T-Shirt has dropped in popularity these days. So we are phasing the range out and offering at a mouth watering price of RM1.90! There's nothing wrong with this product. We just want it off our shelves!

V Neck T Shirt AppleGreenV Neck T Shirt BlueV Neck T Shirt Red

Vivid Fit Ladies Long Dress - RM1.90

This product was our first experiment with ladies t-shirt dresses. As t-shirt designers, we were faced with two choices. Either to go for a modest design, or a sexy one! We have since made a decision. We will go make a range of modest, longgar and tutup aurat apparel, which we call the Verdanah range. To be specific, it's the Feathersoft Muslimah T-shirt. Then we will make a sexier range, which will flaunt the ladies curve and assets. And we simply call it the ladies range. The Vivid fit is somewhat a cross between modest and sexy. It's a confused product, but yet made of good quality microfiber sweat absorbing material. So, it's RM1.90. We want it this off our shelves too!

vivid fit ladies dress dark melangevivid fit ladies dress fuchsiavivid fit ladies dress purple 

Pique Polo Black - RM8.90

Rarely will you find the price of polo dips below RM10. Well, here you can have it for RM8.90. These are perfectly fine polos, but was rejected by the brand owner because if was just a different shade of black color. Yes, that's only the issue. But has consumers, we believe it won't be an issue because, you are getting cheap and it's not like you are paying for the brand. 

Clearance polo

Nationwide Courier fees RM9.00 for up to 3kg

Shipping is now cheaper! With this nationwide courier, we can ship about 14 t-shirts for only RM9.00. 

Nationwide Express logo


Automatic Shipping Calculation

We get shipping questions very often. We tried by implementing the shipping calculate. But customers being customers, you guys want the info without clicking on anything. So, we have made it automatic for you. You just have to hover your mouse , and waalaa, the shipping cost is calculated, based on where you are located. Cool huh.


shipping cost auto calculation



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