Air Pillow Film Now Available!

What is Air Pillow Film?

The outer carton is usually bigger/larger than the product you need to pack. The space around the product is called a 'void'. Filling these voids with Air Pillow is a mess-free way of reducing damage to your goods. The Pillow fills voids in carton boxes will reduce the movement of your goods during shipment and loading/unloading process. The air pillow is lightweight so they protect your goods without adding to your shipping cost.

 Why using air pillow for void filling?

Air Pillow Film give the ability to add exactly what we need to fill void areas within the box while protecting the products.

 There are 3 different types of Air Pillow Films provided by our company :

1) Single Compartment
2) Double Compartment
3) Quad/Multi Compartment

Advantages of using our air pillow film?

- For void fill use, to improve packaging efficiency extremely.
- Easy tear line, you can splice continuous air pillow easily with no damage on adjoining ones.
- Strong sealing and no air leakage

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Air Cushion Machine S2 On Demand

This S2 Air Cushion Machine is a packaging machine for Making Air Pillow Bags and ideal for small & medium warehouse. A new and improved design which is more efficient and more economical.

Advantages using S2 Air Cushion Machine:

- Easy to install
- Our pillow machine heats fastly with only about 30 seconds.
- The inflating speed can be up to 12m/min.
- The temperature, wind and speed are adjustable.
- It can adapt to AC 110V-220V voltage. No an adjustment for the import voltage from 110V to 220V on this machine.
- Save cost & time

Inflating Guide

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