HOHOHO, MD Textile's Crazy Year End Sales is here. Its called Shirts for Five! Yes, Only Shirts for RM5.00. Here's the products that are on Fiver-Sale!


Waffle Dry Performance Jersey Burgundy

1. Waffle Dry T-Shirt
urry up! Everysince its RM5.00 this product has been flying off our shelves!  Why? It's really worth every sen , thats why!

v neck apple green tshirt

2. MX V-Neck T-Shirt

 Yes, Its the ever popular 160gsm 100% cotton Round neck, but V Neck version!. Thats all. And its only RM5.00. Where to find?

baseball 1

3. Baseball Jacket

This product is being discountinued. We still have some, and we don't mind letting it go for RM5.00. 


plussize yellow5

4. Vivid Supercool Plus Size

 Wow. This is another steal. For our members on the plus, if you can find a good deal like this, we cut! (Kita potong)

egg drop red tshirt

5. Eggdrop Hyperdry T-Shirt

 This is also a unique product with dots of black yarn intertwine with the fabric. 


 jacquard dry polo tshirt

6. Jacquard Dry Polo



7. Cool Breeze T-Shirt

This is the coursin of waffle dry. Instead of waffle pattern, this one is small pinhole patter. Neverthless, just a value for money product

foursquare cotton tshirt black72

8. Mystery Monday Black T-shirt 

This is a mysterious t-shrirt. Only appearing randomly, but normally on Mondays! We will send you a random brand. But it's guaranteed to be at least a 100% cotton, 160gsm. 


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