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As of 1st February 2017, MD Textile will be accepting OEM and Resizing, Relabeling Service.

Resizing orders
1. We can resize an item 1 size down. Size XL and can resized to L. Size L can be resize to Size M. Service fee is RM2.00/pc
2. For jobs that requires more than 1 size down. eg Size XXL to Size S, Service fee is RM4.00/pc
3. Minimum order: 50pcs
4. Duration is within 7 days upon full payment unless arranged otherwise.

Relabeling orders
1. We can relabel the following brands. Foursquare, MD Maximus/MD Textile, HappyBiri, Zetocity, Oren Sport.
2. Client must provide us with labels.
3. Duration is within 7 days upon full payment.
4. We cannot offer print / embroidery services. Client will have to appoint a printer or embroiderer for it.
5. Minimum order for relabeling: 100pcs
6. RM1.50 per item

Sorry, we do not make neck labels. To order labels please contact the label factory: Ms Lam +60122057997

Payment Methhods


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