EID MUBARAK! No Shipment until July 3rd !

Pengumuman kepada semua pelanggan, tarikh terakhir bagi penghantaran parcel ialah pada 23 Jun  2017 dan bermula operasi pada 30 Jun 2017. Mohon maaf bagi sebarang kesulitan dan terima kasih untuk sokongan anda.

Dear customers, the last day for shipping out parcels is on 23rd June 2017. We will resume shipping on the 30th June 2017. Apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your support.

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As of 1st February 2017, MD Textile will be accepting OEM and Resizing, Relabeling Service.

Resizing orders
1. We can resize an item 1 size down. Size XL and can resized to L. Size L can be resize to Size M. Service fee is RM2.00/pc
2. For jobs that requires more than 1 size down. eg Size XXL to Size S, Service fee is RM4.00/pc
3. Minimum order: 50pcs
4. Duration is within 7 days upon full payment unless arranged otherwise.

Relabeling orders
1. We can relabel the following brands. Foursquare, MD Maximus/MD Textile, HappyBiri, Zetocity, Oren Sport.
2. Client must provide us with labels.
3. Duration is within 7 days upon full payment.
4. We cannot offer print / embroidery services. Client will have to appoint a printer or embroiderer for it.
5. Minimum order for relabeling: 100pcs
6. RM1.50 per item

Sorry, we do not make neck labels. To order labels please contact the label factory: Ms Lam +60122057997

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