EID MUBARAK! No Shipment until July 3rd !

Pengumuman kepada semua pelanggan, tarikh terakhir bagi penghantaran parcel ialah pada 23 Jun  2017 dan bermula operasi pada 30 Jun 2017. Mohon maaf bagi sebarang kesulitan dan terima kasih untuk sokongan anda.

Dear customers, the last day for shipping out parcels is on 23rd June 2017. We will resume shipping on the 30th June 2017. Apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your support.

Galaxy Supercool is MD Textile's Latest Advance Performance T-Shirt

Galaxy Supercool is MD Textile's latest advance performance t-shirt to date. Made out of a special moisture absorbing yarn from Taiwan and blended with two other blends of yarn to make a special unique fabric pattern. Look closely, you can see striped dotted patterns on the fabric texture. We call this product, The Galaxy Supercool

Galaxy Supercool is:
Permanent rapid dry. There is no chemical coating to assist in the moisture absorption
Stretchy feel
Blended from 3 different yarns
Full cut for comfort.

Purchase Online or walking to our Sg Buloh Branch
Only RM11.90 /pc


MUS2126 is a confirmed t-shirt psycho.

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