How to Order Custom DIY Iron On Labels


MD Textile can custom make DIY Iron On labels for you. The labels are just like the product found here. Click on how to DIY your own labels for more information. The price formula are as follows:

  • Block Charge: RM80 per color
  • Minimum order of 5pcs of A2 film: RM18

So, if your design consists of 2 colors with the dimensions of 2cm x 2cm, it will be:

  • (RM80 x 2 colors) = RM160 for Block Charge , and (RM18 x 5) = RM90  for 5pcs of paper
    Grand Total RM160 + RM90 = RM250.


Download our sample PDF file. In this example, you can squeenze in 360 labels in a A2 paper. Assuming its 2cm x 2cm in dimensions. To proceed with the order, we need the following from you.

  1. Your AI file containing your design.  
    It is up to you to squeeze as many sizes into 1 paper. For example, you can mix S / M / L into 1 paper.

  2. The quantity you require.
    We need a minimum of 5pcs per order. In this example, you will get 1800pcs of labels!


Still not clear? You can whatsapp Freddie at +60105665359 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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