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Enjoy MD Textile's Lowest Postage Free For just RM5.50(ex gst) for items 1kg and below

Many sites advertise "free shipping". In reality, there is no free lunch. Shipping fee has already been costed into the final product. Here at MD Textile, our margins are razor thin. There is no minimum order. You are welcome to buy just 1 item. Hence we have to charge a shipping & packaging fee.

We try to keep all our prices as low as possible. T-shirt, polo, rompers, jacket etc. This including our shipping fee. We have heard your complains and suggestions, and now we are attempting to rectify this by offering RM5.50 courier for any packages 1kg and below to/from West Malaysia. Anything above 1kg has also been discounted.

We normally ship the next day. But this offer is new to us, please allow 1 extra day to ship.


Same Day Delivery Services!

Kami menyediakan PERKHIDMATAN PENGHANTARAN pada hari yang sama. Untuk Tempahan SEBELUM Pukul 12.00 tengah hari akan di hantar pada hari yang sama. Terima barang pada hari yang sama juga!

HANYA RM12 untuk setiap 5KG pertama.

Perkhidmatan ini hanya untuk kawasan di dalam LEMBAH KLANG sahaja.Untuk Maklumat Lanjut ,Sila Hubungi Sales Team kami Sekarang. Kelana Jaya +603 78806628 Sungai Buloh +603 61416628


We are now offering same day delivery service! Give us your order before 12pm, and get your goods on the same day. 

Only RM12 for the first 5 kg.

Only applicable within Klang Valley. For more information, please contact sales team at Kelana Jaya : +603 78806628 Sungai Buloh +603 61416628


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