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Kids Round Neck

No Shrink Honeycomb 100% Cotton Polo


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Selamat Hari Raya / EID Mubarak!

Pengumuman kepada semua pelanggan, tarikh terakhir bagi penghantaran parcel ialah pada 30 June 2016(Khamis), Untuk Pick n Pay - 5 July 2016 (Selasa) MD Textile akan mula beroperasi pada 8 July 2016(Jumaat). Mohon maaf bagi sebarang kesulitan dan terima kasih untuk sokongan anda.

Dear customers, the last day for shipping out parcels is on 30th June 2016 (Thursday). For Pick and Pay - 5 July 2016 We will resume the shipping on 8th July 2016 (Friday). Apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your support.

Babes & Hunks of MD Textile

Nastya from Kiev, Ukraine

Nastya from Kiev, Ukraine

Meet Nastya, from Kiev Ukraine. Nastya was here on holiday in Thailand & Malaysia. She is not only a highly experienced model, but a painter and fashion editorial model.  She...

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First t-shirt & fashion blog from MD Textile

First t-shirt & fashion blog from MD…

Our t-shirt & apparel website has gotten a new makeover! Version 3 of www.mdtextile.com promises faster load times, mobile friendlier and GST compatible improvements over the previous one. We promise more...

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Introducing Syasya

Introducing Syasya

Next gorgeous babe to grace MD Textile website. Here wearing our yellow hoodies. More pics to come. stay tuned.

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News from MD Textile

DIY - Add Your Own Labels to a T-Shirt

DIY - Add Your Own Labels to a T-Shirt

If you are a brand owner or a t-shirt designer, purchasing blank t-shirts, printing and trying to sell it, is not exactly an elegant way to do it. There are...

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Long Sleeve Round Neck have been Restocked!

Long Sleeve Round Neck have been Restock…

Most of our 100% cotton long sleeve round neck have been restocked!Only RM9.95So many colors, sizes start from XS to 3XL. Purchase online or walk in.http://bit.ly/1sfp34E

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MD Textile Expert T-Shirt Printer

MD Textile Expert T-Shirt Printer

This is Freddie Freddie is our new resident MD Textile Expert T-Shirt Printer Freddie is hard at work now Freddie knows how to to screenprint, CMYK print, plastisol transfer, discharge, puff, foil and...

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Printing Expert: Freddie 010 5665359

Online Oders: Calvin / Dayang +603 78806628

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